Food for Thought. Thought for Food: A Reflection on the Creative Universe of Ferran Adrià.

A reflection on Ferran Adrià’s participation in Documenta 12, edited by Vicente Todolí, director of the Tate Modern in London, and Richard Hamilton, painter and father of pop-art. Food for Thought brings together the testimony, debates, writings and round table discussions of artists, chefs, art critics and gallerists. It presents the voices of renowned figures from the worlds of art and cooking, in debates which set out to open the boundaries between cooking and art. This volume details Ferran Adrià’s participation in Documenta 12 and explores the repercussions that the chef’s immersion in the world of art continues to provoke. In addition, the book gathers together, in an orderly and stimulating manner, the most highly regarded and widely read theoretical texts on the philosophy of Adrià’s restaurant, elBulli, which was awarded 3 Michelin stars and recognised as the best restaurant in the world on five occasions by the magazine, Restaurant.


Pages long: 343

Book size: 25×18 cm

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