elBulli 2003-2004 General Catalogue

elBuli2003-2004. With the elBullitaller workshop now fully functioning, a scientific department is created, along with an organisational structure that is increasingly adapted to the wishes of the elBulli team. This leads to a marked evolution in their work, resulting in some incredible elaborations.

Evolutionary analysis with photos of new products and step-by-step processing.


Length: Two volumes at 336 pages and 320 pages. The Catalogue details 264 dishes and contains a 22-page update of the evolutionary analysis. Also included is CD-Rom elBulli2003 and elBulli2004 with all the recipes from this period.

Format: 31.5 x 24 cm.

Total weight: 6.045 kg.

Credits: Photography: Francesc Guillamet. Texts: Josep Maria Pinto. Graphic Design: Marta Méndez Blaya.