Cooking for Good Health. A Manual for Healthy Living.

Cooking for Good Health, a blueprint for how your family can prepare appetising meals whilst, at the same time, maintaining a healthy diet. Examining family life over the course of a typical day to illustrate how food-related tasks, such as making breakfast, food preservation, how we shop and how we cook, etc., can be improved. However, the book doesn’t limit itself to talking solely about nutrition; it is framed within the broader context of health, so that it also addresses issues such as physical activity, weight control, blood pressure and cholesterol, and how to teach children to take care of their bodies and avoid addictions.


With a wealth of illustrated tables and practical advice, Cooking for Good Health demonstrates how people of all ages, with different tastes and requirements, can share a table, eating in the balanced and appetising way that leads to a healthy lifestyle.


ISBN: 978-84-08-09456-2

First Edition: 2010

Publisher: Editorial Planeta S.A.

384 pages

Format: Hardback

Book size: 23×15 cm

Authors: Ferran Adrià / Valentín Fuster / Josep Corbella