Celebrate the Millennium with Arzak & Adrià

In celebration of the turn of the millennium, Juan Mari Arzak and Ferran Adrià, renowned chefs and old friends, have decided to join forces in an intriguing collaboration to commemorate this momentous event in a book.


Rather than competing to offer individual menus, the two masters of the kitchen, Arzak and Adrià, have collaborated to jointly prepare a series of special menus for the occasion, contributing alternating dishes.


The book also includes a tempting description of the very best Christmas products on offer and a handy introduction to the world of wine, turning this celebration of a milestone event into a feast for the senses.


ISBN: 9788483072462

First Edition: 1999

Publisher: Ediciones Península

173 pages

Format: Hardback

Book size: 30×22 cm

Author: Ferran Adrià / Juan Mari Arzak