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What is Cocktail Sapiens? Why is it called that? This work aims to analyse the concept of “cocktails” in all its breadth, starting with the essential aspects. It is not possible to think of innovating – in any branch of knowledge – without first gathering and classifying the available information. It is only possible to grow from solid foundations.

To sum up, Cocktail Sapiens is a series of four volumes placed within the framework of Bullipedia, the elBullifoundation project dedicated to the publication of an encyclopaedia on fine dining restaurants in the West. The aim of Cocktail Sapiens is to interpret cocktails in all their forms and expressions. Our intention is to study and illustrate, from a scientific and humanistic perspective, the origins of the term “cocktail”, along with its contexts and environments. This includes analysis of where it is consumed, the professionals involved, and the cultural environment which sustains it in contemporary Western society. The first volume is directed at those working in the world of cocktails, bartenders in particular; but also presents material of value to other restaurant professionals and all those who wish to obtain a more detailed knowledge of the subject, using clear and informative language.


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